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About Us

From our family to yours, we welcome you to the Northwoods.

We are a company with many years of experience in the jewelry industry and promise to give you the best experience possible. Mary Beth brings 30 years of custom design experience to our business. We hold high standards for everything we create because we believe in crafting the perfect item that will last you a life time.

Meet Our Family


Mary Beth Moberg… Artist, Entrepreneur

February of 2004 marked the culmination of a dream and the beginning of a quest. After a quarter century of working as a bench jeweler in Wausau and Chicago, Mary Beth Moberg finally had her own shop. It would be a jewelry store that broke the mold: “Upscale, Uptown and Up North, Never Uptight,” according to an early ad. Inspired by the beauty and the ethos of Wisconsin’s Northwoods, its shelves now sparkle with Canadian diamonds, jeweled Faberge eggs, and Mary Beth’s unique custom designs. Somehow, as she’s soldering her beloved Cool Beans coffee bean bracelets, taking orders from customers, buying stones from suppliers, and doing on-the-spot repairs, Mary Beth finds time to be a Mom, and to serve the community as a volunteer with Wausau’s First Universalist Unitarian Church, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the YWCA.


Glen Moberg… News Man, Blues Man, Business Man

The Northwoods Jewelry Company’s Business and Marketing Manager leads a double life! Thousands of people wake up to his voice every morning on Wisconsin Public Radio. He’s been a television anchor and news director in Wausau and Chicago… a network correspondent for FOX News… a traffic reporter stationed on top of the world’s tallest building… and a disc jockey at a really cool progressive FM station. He’s moderated U.S. Senate debates, organized political forums, and emceed everything from rock concerts to local spelling bees. He serves on the Board of Directors of several community organizations, and has been a member of Rotary International since 1984. When the family moved from the Windy City to the Northwoods, Glen packed his guitars and his love for Chicago’s indigenous music, the blues.


Our Exclusive Line of Jumpin’ Jivin’ Java Jewelry…
Just for You… or the Coffee Drinker in Your Life

The Northwoods Goldsmith, Mary Beth Moberg, loves her coffee… so back in 2003 she decided to combine her passion with her art. The result is Cool Beans… an inspiration refined and perfected with the input of our coffee drinking customers at The Northwoods Goldsmith retail store.

Each Cool Beans bracelet is made of three-dimensional, exact replicas of individual coffee beans… each one different… cast in solid sterling silver, connected with heavy duty jump rings, and mounted in a unique bracelet design with a striking coffee pot and spoon toggle clasp. The result is a substantial piece of fine jewelry containing a hefty 27 grams of pure silver. Also available as earrings, men’s tie tacks, and as a three-beaner lariat necklace. This is fine jewelry made to wear and last a lifetime.

Manufactured in the USA out of 100% recycled silver by The Northwoods Jewelry Company and The Northwoods Goldsmith, Wausau, Wisconsin. Cool Beans is a registered federal trademark. Design protected by federal copyright.


Canadian Goose Diamonds

Brilliant and Conflict Free, These are the Finest Diamonds on Earth, Mined and Cut with Exacting Precision in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

From the depths of the earth a remarkable gem is created… one that stands the test of time and true endurance. Its beauty is surpassed by none, its durability is beyond comparison, and its allure has captured hearts around the globe. The embodiment of love and romance, a Canadian Goose Diamond is born.

The girdle of each Canadian diamond is microscopically laser engraved with its own serial number and the Canadian Goose logo. Your diamond comes with a fully descriptive certificate of authenticity for your security and protection.

A Canadian Goose Diamond… like your love… will last a lifetime.

Call to order: 715-848-5000 or toll free 866-645-GOLD

The Northwoods Goldsmith

314 Scott Street
Wausau, WI 54403
(715) 848-5000

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